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Check Out Our Part of The Segment on The Nightcap These Sexy Singles Will Be There!
Dr. Benita, known as "The Love Doctor", made an appearance on Houston Life news recently to discuss her mission of promoting love. She was promoting her new A Taste of Love wine, which she says is meant to be enjoyed with the one you love. She also shared her philosophy on love in relationships, emphasizing the importance of communication, trust and respect. Dr. Benita believes that her A Taste of Love wine can help couples foster deeper connections and strengthen their bond. She hopes that by sharing her message of love, she can help people find and maintain meaningful relationships.
Vegan, gluten-free wine that will leave you with ‘A Taste of Love’
Dr. Benita, also known as "The Love Doctor," recently appeared on The CW 39 Houston news to spread the message of love and promote A Taste of Love wine. The Love Doctor is an expert on relationships and has been featured in various publications, such as The Huffington Post, NewsOne, and Essence Magazine. She has helped countless individuals and couples work through their issues and find true love.  A Taste of Love wine, which was mentioned on the news segment, is a specially formulated wine that Dr. Benita created to promote love and bring people together. The wine is meant to be shared with a loved one and enjoyed in romantic moments. With the help of Dr. Benita and A Taste of Love wine, couples can find and maintain true love.
A Taste of Love
Dr. Benita, affectionately known as "The Love Doctor," was recently featured in Houston Style magazine. She was promoting her message of love and her signature wine A Taste of Love. This unique wine was specially crafted to bring out the passion and flavor of love. Dr. Benita hopes that her wine can help to spread a message of love and positivity in the world. She is an advocate for self-love and encourages others to focus on loving themselves first and foremost.
Women's History Month Special Feature: A Doctor On A Quest For Love
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